Electrical Safety Products
Along with maintaining industrial material, special thought ought to be emphasized on protection from electrical hazards. Hence, product for every protection requirement is available in our scope of electrical safety products. Offered products not only safe-guard people from electrical damages, yet also provide barrier between other electrical products. Look for security, look for demanded product.
Material Transfer Equipment
Whether manufacturing industry is small or large, it requires material handling equipment that completely eliminates requirements of multiple operators. Our material transfer equipment are intended for businesses that demanded machines or equipment to simply transfer material be it raw or finished. The equipment is focused on guaranteeing workers safety can accomplish rapid order picking.
Our Stackers are vehicles that are deployed for maintaining intermodal cargo vessels in medium sized ports or small terminals. They are capable of transporting any vessel from short distances quiet briefly and stack them in different rows complying on the access. Applying our stackers, vessel blocks can be stored 4-deep because of second row access.
Tap Changers
The application for our tap changer is to control the output current of any transformer. This is done through modifying the quantity of turns in single winding and subsequently altering the turn’s proportion of transformer. Two sorts of tap changers exist such as on-load tap changer and de-energised tap changer. Avail best product for your requirement without doubt as every changer is composed under personal observation.
Pallet Truck
Our pallet truck range is customizable, enabling it ideal for broader material handling utility such as stacking, loading, order picking and unloading. Outlines for simple application, our truck permits efficient as well as safe goods movement with tiny efforts of operator. In addition, the truck is ideal for order picking and horizontal pallet transport.
Scissor Lift
Provided scissor lift is construction centered and tough four tire drive machines with affirmative traction control, which is appropriate for enhancing productivity in requiring outdoor or indoor worksites. Competitive large platform as well as lift speed increase productivity with the capacity and handling that is demanded to completed jobsite working quicker.
Forklift Trucks
In an aisle or on the dock, our industrial forklifts can match the most solid true-world challenges with performance, productivity and power while offering the safety and efficiency of any working. The design of our forklifts are emphasized on increasing workers’ safety, productivity as well as product long life transverse. Our forklifts offer prolong value and the certainty of understanding that you have created the optimal business decision.
Industrial Dock Leveler
Dock Levelers are the significant piece of customers’ loading bay space. Utilization of our products help in quick unloading and loading of material at storehouse additionally is likewise imperative from security and safety view. Our levelers work as extension truck and loading bay area, stature distinction between bay area and truck is bridged. In addition, the material movement can be completed seamlessly between truck and warehouse.
Drum Handling Equipment
Hunting for equipment for your requirement to handle drum that contain tonnage weight at economical prices? No worry, we present drum handling equipment that are portable in nature as well as convenient in working. Every equipment is composed to function vertically for maximum profitability and fastest drum movement within the premises.
Nitrogen Injection System
Numerous transformers are costly equipment that are situated in power substations and plants. These transformers normally include high amount of combustible substance. Therefore, we offer nitrogen injection system to avert oxidation that minimizes corrosion as well as keep up inert gas surrounding in the area over oil to maintain any combustible against exploding in oxygen enriched surroundings. In addition, useful valves are integrated in the offered system.
Transformer Accessories
Transformers are hefty components of electrical product that are deployed for numerous utilities. However, to keep any transformer functional, our transformer accessories are extensively employed. The included accessories are molded parts and bushings that are small components yet are highly functional for any transformer. Every accessory has greater safety, environmental sustainability and reliability. Make life brighten by installing our accessories in your transformers.

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