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Nitrogen Injection System

Fire dangers happening ate interconnecting transformer and power transformers introductions are topic of grave concern. These may prompt into dead consequences, for example, failure of valuable assets and non-fatal or fatal accidents. Hence, we feature nitrogen injection system that is outlined for oil filled, electrical and more transformers. Offered system averts fire and tank explosion amid internal errors ensuing in an arc in which tank blast will generally consume sometime following generation. Further, our nitrogen injection system additionally extinguishes the outside oil flames on transformers head because of external failures and tank explosion such as OLTC fires, fires and bushing fires from adjacent equipment. Offered system works on mechanism of stir and drain as well as on activation, the system rain already determined amount of oil, diesel, etc. from tanks head via an integrated outlet valve to minimize tank pressure and infuse nitrogen gas at elevated pressure from tanks bottom part via inlet valves to make stirring action along with minimizing temperature.

Key Features:

1) Systems outlined for manual and automatic working.
2) Has integrated fire dousing cubicle situated away from transformer.
3) Differential relay with pressure relief valve provided for prevention.
4) Come with falling pressure electrical manometer and regulator.
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Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System

Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System is widely used in various types of transformers parts. This system is designed to provide protection against the risk of fire accidents. It is suitable both for outdoor and indoor installations as well as can also be operated in the absence of power. This firing system acts both as insulating and cooling medium. It is fully automatic, maintenance free and low cost in comparison to other systems. This protection system is one of the best fire prevention and extinguishing system for oil filled transformers parts.

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Rim Seal Fire Protection System

Rim Seal Fire Protection System is hydrocarbon storage vessel with respect to its vapor suppression ability. It is one of the safest fire systems for extreme fast detection and extinction of any type of rim seal fires. This fire protection system is used for protection against fire in various industries. It is operated without electricity, do not need a water supply and has remote surveillance facility. This system is globally appreciated for its modular design, high reliability, and unlimited shelf life.

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Transformer Protection System

Leveraging on our vast industry experience, we offer a quality range of Transformer Protection System at reasonable prices. It is manufactured using top quality materials under the supervision of our qualified professionals. This system is widely used for ensuring safety of power transformers Parts. Additionally, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. It is offered in various specifications in order to cater the requirements of the clients. Besides that, it is known for its less maintenance, weather resistance and sturdy design.