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Electrical Safety Products

Everyone will agree that electricity is most imperative part in every life aspect, be it residential, commercial and more. Therefore, to protect yourself and loved ones, the most crucial task is to insulate electrical products. Hence, we present our electrical safety products that always stand at par when functionality and productivity is the discussion. Offered products help forestall the dangers such as fire, electrical shocks, earthling and more that cause from fluctuating voltage, water in wiring and different other reasons. Along with protection, functionality and productivity, each product is auto secured as the structure is composed from insulated material that protects the workers even when power damage is taking shape inside. In addition, our electrical safety materials include barrier mortar, cable coating, interlock switches, interlock valves and more that are single product, however, functions like large unit. Through our products, customers can always operate their machines and tools even when they are working in water. Install our electrical safety products and significantly minimize the danger of electrical damage to you and your peers.

Key Features:

1) Possess high caliber wrapping material on wires.
2) Hard and insulated material to resist tough conditions.
3) Prevent electric burns and shocks from direct contact with uncovered body parts.
4) Helps informing about faulty electrical installations or equipment.
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Fire Protection System for Transformers

Fire Protection System for Transformers is manufactured to provide protection against any risk of fire accidents. This system is designed especially for oil-filled transformers with complete precision and care from high-quality material. It helps to cut down the failure rate of electrical devices and helps to cool down the fault point inside the transformer Parts. This fire protection system is globally appreciated for its effectiveness, high performance, easy installation, and trouble-free operation.

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Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System is designed for automatic detection and extinguishing of fire at the incipient stage. The modular design of this system is mounted on the roof of the tank and can be installed while the tank is in service. It does not require any water supply and is suitable for lightning prone areas. This system is manufactured with the high-quality material to provide protection against any risk of fire accidents. It is tested on various parameters to ensure the safety and quality of the product.

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Cable Tray Wrap

Cable Tray-Wrap is thin, lightweight and foil encapsulated wrap for fast & easy installation. This wrap provides excellent fire and heat protection properties with a fine finish. It is designed to fix cables and tray easily and effortlessly. The tray wrap is manufactured with high-quality raw material with the aid of modern techniques. It is tested on various parameters to ensure the safety as well as the quality of the product. This cable wrap is suitable for wide range of applications including air ventilation, hazardous chemical exhausts and even clothes dryer and commercial kitchen grease ducts.

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Fire Barrier Mortar

Fire Barrier Mortar is an excellent adhesion that dries quickly and easy to mix with potable water. It acts as a barrier to providing the protection against fire accidents. The offered mortar is lightweight, cost-effective, cementitious firestop with variable mix ratios for use in through penetration applications. It is off-white in appearance with dark flecks. This mortar is manufactured using the premium quality material with the aid of sophisticated techniques and is available in various specifications in accordance with the desired needs of the clients.

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Fire Retardant Cable Coating

Fire Retardant Cable Coating is used to prevent the cable from getting heated to a great level. This coating is rigorously tested on different parameters to meet the set standard of quality. It is non-toxic, asbestos free, single component ready to use an inorganic compound that prevents the propagation of fire along electrical cables. This cable coating is used in various industrial applications. It is safe to use, easy to apply and eco-friendly.

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Trapped Key Interlocks Switches

Trapped Key Interlocks Switches are manufactured using the finest quality material under the strict surveillance of skilled professionals. These switches are used for properly interlocking of doors in various industries. They allow access to hazardous areas only when an appropriate key is inserted into the interlock. These switches are easy to install and operate. They are globally appreciated for their compact design, rust resistance, sturdiness, high durability, and longer functional life.

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Trapped Key Valve Interlocks

Trapped Key Valve Interlocks are manufactured in a wide range of specifications and dimensions. These interlocks are used for interlocking valves of tanks, pumps and much more. They are operated under controlled conditions, and in the pre-determined sequence which they were intended to ensure the complete safety and protection of the user. These valve interlocks are designed to be fitted in a wide range of control devices including power switches, access doors, and hatches, as well as valves of all types.

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Rail Creep Adjuster

This, Rail Creep Adjuster is well appreciated by the clients for being flawless in operations. The offered product is manufactured using the best quality materials under strict guidance. This tool has been designed to effectively and safely adjust gaps in jointed rail without damaging rail ends, in order to avoid accidents and mishappenings. The unit can push or pull lengths of rail and allows trains to pass over while it is in the working position. Clients can avail this from us at industry leading prices.

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Transformer Steel Radiator

With vast industry knowledge and experience, we offer this supreme quality Transformer Steel Radiators to clients at economical price. The product is broadly used for distribution and power transformer Parts cooling. It accelerates the cooling rate of transformer Parts. Thus, it plays a vital role in increasing the loading capacity of an electrical transformer Parts. Under the vigilance of experts, these radiators are manufactured using high end technology in compliance with set industrial standards.

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Safety Interlocks

To protect people and safeguard industrial machinery, we offer these Safety Interlocks at reasonable prices. These interlocks are suitable for applications across a wide industrial base including steel, automotive, power generation and distribution, recycling, building materials and robotics. These can be used to control personnel access, shut off power and prevent a machine from starting when the guard is open. Integrated with latest technology, it is manufactured using high quality materials in accordance with industry standards.

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EMI/EMC Filters

Electronic equipments produced today include EMI/EMC Filters. Likewise, all switch-mode power supplies have internal EMI filters. Significantly these filters reduce or attenuate any unwanted noise signals from entering or leaving the protected electronic device. It also, protects the device from excessive external noise sources. These filters are manufactured by using supreme quality materials and advanced machinery in compliance with industry standards. This device is stringently tested on various parameters before dispatching it to the clients.